Frequently Asked Questions

These lash fibers fall off together with natural eyelashes when they shed.

Coupled with wear and tear (like hot weather) this can take about 3 to 5 weeks. Depend on care, some customers rave that they can even last 4 – 6 weeks !

No need at all as your eyelashes will have the mascara look day in and day out ! That will shave off 10 – 15 mins of your make up time!

You can wash your face after 3 hours but for next 12 hours do not go for steam , sauna or swim to let the lash fibers set.

Avoid using oil based cosmetics or remover to prolong your eyelash extension.

After washing your face , clean your eyelashes gently around and on them using cosmetic tipped cotton buds or cotton swabs.

When removing eye shadow , take care not to wipe downwards as you may tug on the lashes- instead swipe away with cotton buds or cotton swabs.

Depend on care – you may require retouch (50-80 lash fibers on each eye ) after two to three weeks to maintain original look . Our assurance to you is the we do at least three layers – so even when shedding your eyelashes would still look natural or with mascara look!

Some may experience the ‘onion effect’ where the fumes of the eyelash glue emit and get a bit teary eyes – rest assured this is just temporary .
It is very safe as the lash fibers are applied 1mm away from the eyelash roots.