Authentic Korean Style Eye Lash Extension


Business opportunity
In Korea , every salon , beauty parlor and spa
have a bed or two just for eyelash extension – there is always
repeat business.
Eyelash extension will be an evergreen industry – even if there are
similar treatments or methods , it is the ultimate way to gain a
more expressive look  .The fact that our eyelashes do not grow the same length , let alone
the same level creates the hopes of many ladies to attain long and
curlier eyelashes to complement their faces’ eyes’ shapes.One can venture into having own business doing home services as it
is an ideal add on to manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping and
day/night make up services.

Training Course


Exclusive “One to One” Course

( Weekdays Evening 7pm –
10 pm & Weekends 3 Hours Slot )

RATE : SGD 1200
SGD 800

Include Basic Gadgets )

  1. 1 X Straight
  2. 1 X Bent Pincer
  3. Glue Plate
  4. 8 Basic curls and lengths
    Ranging From 8 – 11 mm
  5. Guide Book on
    Authentic Korean Eyelash Extension Worth  $80


Angela Khoo

Eyelash Specialist & Trainer

Woodlands Crescent , Northoaks
Lobby B,

< 2 bus stops opp of Admiralty MRT >

Buses : 965 and 969




1.What is Eyelashes Extension -Theory & Growth

2.What are the Types

3.What are the Advantages of Eyelashes Extension

4.Comparison to other Eyelashes Extension

5.Pre-treatment Consultation

6.How to apply Eyelashes Extension – Step by Step

7 How to remove Eyelashes Extension

8.Issues to Handle

9.Care for Eyelash Glue

10.How to care for Eyelashes Extension

11.Types of Eyelash Fibers

12.Get to know the Styles

13.Shape of Eyes – what Eyelash Style is Suitable

14.FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

15.Business Opportunity


Terms :

– The initial deposit will be SGD $300

to get materials from Korea

– Balance of SGD $ 500 to be settled on
1st day of lesson

– Student may bring own model,
or provided by Eyelash Diva.


Business Opportunity

Be Your Own Boss !!

Venture into having own business
doing home services as it is an ideal add on to manicure, pedicure, eyebrow
shaping and day / night make up services.

Find Out

Best Selling Products

Finger Tips

” Retouch is
recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain the style. It is normal we shed
around 3- 5 lashes due to its life cycle or wear and tear due to
lifestyle and habits. ”

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